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I believe that success comes from understanding training theory and applying it in a manner that respects all of the aspects of your life and delivers long-term health and fitness.  I approach fitness goals beyond a single race and believe that what you do today must benefit you tomorrow and cause no harm.

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To educate clients to learn to run and achieve their fitness goals in a safe supportive environment; respecting work, school and family life while sharing my training theories to ensure success whether you're running your first mile, focusing on general fitness or participating at an elite level.


The Always Running family is a diverse, supportive, safe environment.  We're made up of all ages and fitness levels and respect everyone's differences.  We're excited to be able to participate in the same group run events following our own pace, distance and goals, regardless of our age and fitness level. 

  1. Health - Your health is first and foremost.  I will assess your health during your initial evaluation and throughout your program.

  2. Social - Always Running will not remove you from your social life and family.  I work to incorporate fitness by respecting your life and your personality.

  3. Occupation - Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, student, retired or employed full-time, I will develop a program recognizing your commitments.

  4. Training - I will develop a personalized training plan that respects the three areas of health, family and occupation.

  5. Goal - By respecting each of these, you will achieve your goal in a healthy way with a lasting effect on your immediate and future fitness goals.

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