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Adult Programs

The Always Running adult program is designed to educate you on how to use running as the common denominator to your fitness.  Joining Always Running isn't the same as joining a gym.  Here at Always Running, you’re joining a family where like minded people train to stay fit with the goal of having an active lifestyle into their late 80’s.  Along the way you will get to run your first mile of many, your best time at several distances and perhaps run a marathon, if you so choose. Together we will explore trails and local neighborhoods.  The great side effect of all of this tends to be losing weight, lowering your blood pressure, improving your stress level and best of all - achieving better overall body awareness and acceptance.

Running 101

Whether you've never run a single mile or you've run hundreds of miles - every client starts here.  This is where we establish a baseline of your fitness level and make sure you're learning and aware of training theories and how much it impacts you personally.  We create an individualized training program just for you that takes into consideration your work life and family life.  With an effective training program and consistency, all of your goals will come in time.  After the first three months, each client will then move into one of our other programs depending on your future goals.

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General Fitness

In our general fitness program, we will help you to incorporate fitness into your work and family life in a way will serve your long term health and fitness.  Learn about the broad spectrum of training from bio-mechanics, fueling, time management and motivation.  If your goal is to be a weekend warrior with friends, active on a vacation or just keep up with your kids and grand kids - this is for you.  While running is at the forefront, we incorporate cross, core and strength training to build different muscle groups.  Cycling, hiking, walking group activities are also integrated to keep you motivated and having fun.

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Goal Performance

For those of you in your 20’s and 30’s and even those of you in your 40’s with competitive goals for yourself like qualifying for Boston, running your best 5k or your fastest mile, this program will take you down that path to the finish line. We will always consider and respect your long term health first and foremost and we will get you there, but we will get you there safely and we will only put you on the starting line when you're ready to race.

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