Kids Program

The Always Running kid’s program is designed to get your child ready for a high school cross country program and/or running as a fitness tool that they can carry with them for a lifetime.  Coach Tony focuses on not just training your child but educating you, the parent on the sport of endurance running.

After School Program


4:30 - 6 pm

Our after school program teaches kids to run and increases their fitness level, coordination, agility & strength in a fun and safe environment.  This group meets at our gym in Green Lake.


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Summer Camp

Tuesday & Thurday

10 am

Summer camp teaches kids to run and increase their fitness level.  With more time in the summer, we're able to explore nearby trails and mountains while teaching important safety awareness.  Camp meets at our gym in Green Lake June, July & August.

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Adventure Trail Running


8 am

Kids will learn individual and team skills while enjoying running and exploring nature.  Advanced safety skills are introduced along with basic map and compass skills and digital mapping skills. 

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Cross Country & Track

Monday & Wednesday  


Learning to run and having that skill for life is always the primary objective, but we also have programs to educate parents and teach kids who want to improve and compete at their school/local team's cross country track and field programs.

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Always Running is a personal running coach and cross country coach service offering individualized training programs, group runs, and strength training, tailored to your lifestyle.  


With Always Running, adults can learn to run, run a marathon or just run to improve your health and fitness.  We work with kids who want to get active, improve cross country running or run a race. As a personal trainer, we work all ages and all fitness levels from beginners to elite athletes.

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