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Coach Tony's Smart Training Tips

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Through the years of coaching and my own running career, I have come to see the following points as key to training and running smart.

  1. Journal – This is your history book to your training and map to guide your future.

  2. Its better to under-train then to over-train – This rule applies to those who are motivated and dedicated to training.

  3. Remember The Three Too's – Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast. When you achieve this, you will get injured; therefore, remember rule number one and two when planning.

  4. Volunteer Rest Is Better Than Forced Rest – Choosing to rest/unload your training volume after a good training session, a week or weeks of high volume provides more benefits than waiting too late to rest/unload. Otherwise the body will force you to rest through one of The Terrible Three’s: sickness, injury, and the aspect of life, family and work demanding yo